Liquor Store

Raise your liquor store bar with Devisoft. Our point-of-sale system for wine and liquor stores enables you to manage your business more efficiently while also helping you to cultivate a loyal customer base through online and offline sales.

Not only this, but you can also create an e-commerce store.

Our Software inventory management solution assists you in organizing stock, filing warranties, overseeing orders, managing vendors, and monitoring your performance.


Sales features tailored to your specific needs

Devisoft provides everything a liquor store needs, from setting age limits at the register to fulfilling unique requests and hosting events. Our POS solution puts inventory information and client profiles at your fingertips, allowing you to sell in more connected, personalized ways.

  • With customized register rules, set boundaries for customers to prove their age.
  • Use a POS to look up customer profiles and make tailored recommendations wherever in the business.
  • To create a new revenue stream, collect and track tips for wine tasting events.
  • Take custom orders, and don’t miss out on sales of rare or specialized liquors that you don’t have in store.


Intuitive inventory management tools to get more done in less time

Cases and bottles of liquor also get sold in liquor stores. And you don’t want to miss out on any sales due to low stock. You sell a variety of flavors and quantities. Devisoft helps you to stay at the top of your business by enabling you to handle inventory demands while saving you time on purchases.

  • With built-in purchase orders, you can save time on refilling.
  • Easy-to-use product matrices help you organize products by size and flavor.
  • Our inventory features allow you to sell by the case or individual products.
  • With the efficient item import tool, you may import up to 10,000 SKUs at once.


Keep your sales statistics at your finger tips with our reporting feature

A good liquor shop POS should assist you in making intelligent stock decisions, and Deisoft does exactly that. It helps you take inventory management to the next level with features like efficient inventory counts and a wide range of built-in reports that you can customize with tags and categories.

  • View your sales statistics with our built-in retail reporting.
  • Count inventory with ease using the built-in tools.
  • With customizable reorder points, you can make sure you always have enough stock on hand
  • Customize your subcategories to add depth to your reports and data.


Increase revenue with customer retentions

Devisoft Loyalty feature helps you establish a loyal network of regular customers with a rewards program and easy-to-use marketing tools for SMS and email outreach.