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DS-Apparel is a complete POS solution that makes it easy for retailers to manage their point-of-sale and back-office functions. Providing enhancing the flexibility of POS terminals, reducing store administration, and ensuring real-time data lookup is just a few of the capabilities that DS-Apparel offers to help increase revenue and reduce operating costs for your retail business. We understand the complexity of stock control, we understand that you need to put the customer first and you need to be able to manage work orders, layaways, customer deposits and many more functions.

Devisoft is Packed With
Features That Let You Work Faster & Better!



POS – Point of Sale

A retail POS system is any technology that includes software where a retail transaction is completed. It provides capabilities such as scanning a barcode, making a purchase order or printing a receipt. Features include inventory management, sales reporting, and analytics. The software also helps retailers nurture relationships with customers by providing customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

  • Easy & Fast Billing with Barcoding system
  • Item wise billing
  • Customer history with total amount & Product wise
  • Bill Finish Minimum Enter Key
  • Salesman selection at the time of billing, as per parameter
  • Locking facility on rate discount if required
  • Multi Discount Master (Fixed Rate, Brand / Product % Wise for Sales period)
  • Sales / Return / Credit Note (All in single window)
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Advance Payment Receive in Sale Menu



Inventory Management

Inventory management is a powerful tool that helps every business enterprise to manage their products smoothly in the current period. It will help every business enterprise to get ahead with complete paperless procurement and easy to manage current business needs.

  • Serial unique, Multi, Company Barcode (EAN) Option
  • Daily / Monthly Sales & Stock Register & Report analysis
  • Barcode / Design / Color / Size wise Management
  • Stock Valuation Reports & Vendor Analysis
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Stock Audit 
  • Stock Damage & Loss
  • Track inventory on hand at Multiple warehouse
  • Monthly / Yearly Stock Comparison
  • Stock ageing, Moving / Non Moving Report



Online Purchase Import

  • No need to feed manual Purchase.
  • Import bill from any Excel format to save time with 100% accuracy
  • Map items/products with existing items
  • Integrated with third party Loyalty Programs



Reporting and Analysis

Devisoft gives detailed reports to your business, so you can do in-depth analysis of your business performance. You can see your stock in graphical presentations, check the comparison of products which are fast-moving or slow-moving, analyze non-moving products, compare sales with automatically generated graphs and so on.

  • Quick & Easy Way to create Dynamic Reports as per User
  • Graphical Reports for Sales & Stock with Sorting & Filteration Facility
  • Sales & Purchase Report & Register
  • Sales & Stock Report with Ageing and Yearly / Monthly Comparison with Time wise
  • Salesman Performance Reports
  • Stock Audit Report
  • Sales Profit Report
  • Account Audit Report
  • Order Reports
  • HO, Branch wise Report and Many More…



Loyalty & Coupon Management


Customer loyalty program is one of the types of marketing approaches that can help to engage customers with brands using different techniques likes Points Program, Membership Program, Partner Program, Wallet, Scheme and many more.

  • Customer Profile
  • Customer Wise Sales Reports
  • Card-less / With Card Loyalty Program
  • Multiple Criteria to Assign Membership ID
  • Customer Referral System
  • Gift Voucher & Discount Card