Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions asked by our Clients

DEVISOFT Software can help businesses to have greater insight and visibility which helps in better decision-making process. Devisoft Software can streamline your business processes by removing manual work and integrating all your departments or business units enabling information flow seamlessly. One small example can be an invoice, or a bill generated at retail or branch level will instantly update the inventory of the branch, GST is posted in accounts, CRM is updated, and Head Office is notified of the sale for generation of stock replenishment at the branch etc.
DEVISOFT can be configured to run both on Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access.
Yes, DEVISOFT software fully supports multiple branches, retail stores, warehouses etc. Devisoft implements both on-line (Single database, real time) and off-line (Scheduled Data Synchronization) system. We have clients running hundreds of stores on both the models.
DEVISOFT is used by a wide range of industries. It can be customized and configured for any type of business, but the major verticals DEVISOFT is currently used in are listed below: Retail: Apparel & Footwear Lifestyle & Fashion Food & Beverages
Yes, you can easily import/export data to and from the accounting software. The type of data that you can import/export depends on the package you choose.
There are many features of accounting software. Invoicing, billing, estimating, expenses, E-Invoices, E- waybill, inventory management, auto-generated business reports are some of the main features of an accounting solution. However, the features can vary according to the subscription or package you choose.
Yes, most of the accounting software provides mobile applications without charging any extra cost. Be it iOS or Android, you can easily access the software through your mobile device. With the help of the app, you can easily access the desktop version of the software including generating Reporting, recording expenses, managing clients, and a lot more.